Parents Are A Great Blessing Essay

Personal Touch to Add in the Essay. Grandparents are blessings in every child’s life. They are the reason a child’s parents are the way they are. Grandparents are supportive even when at times, parents fail to support their children. Grandparents are the epitome of morales, teachings and love. They are living inspiration of strength and wisdom.Having you as my parents are one of the biggest happiest. Thanks, mom, and dad. Parents are a present from God, special people whom God makes use of to reveal to us His love. Thank you for being a great good example. Mum as well as dad, thank you so much. All I hope to be is all shaped by your great assistance.Daily Reflection, Produced by The High Calling. quot I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others. quot Genesis 12: The phrase quot blessed to be a blessing quot may be overused in some Christian circles today, but its truth must not be forgotten. The case of Abram is exemplary.My Big Brother Essay. Eldest My family has the best connection and the weirdest at the same time. My family isn’t considered as a big family according to Arab families. My father and my mother are the best parents I have ever seen. I am the eldest brother in my family. I have more than one role to play in my beloved family.Here are my top 5: 1. Children with Down syndrome typically have smaller statures, causing them to keep a “baby” appearance for longer. Low muscle tone also contributes to this. I’m one of those mothers who sniffle over the fact that their baby with the soft blond curls is …
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