Scientific Review Articles

Below you will find links to the article lists, which were created by the WAO Website Committee and were deemed to be among the best articles on the subject matter. Most Recent Top 10 Scientific Articles. December 2022. November 2022. October 2022. August 2022. July 2022. June 2022. May 2022. January 2022. Past Top 10 Scientific Articles : 2020. . . This review article provides a thorough understanding of how studies of urban climate and historical urban landscape inform and overlap with each other in a global scope from 1995 to 2022. The main aim is to raise academic awareness of the importance of addressing climatic issues in historical urban landscape studies and incorporating the proper cultural practices …The Scientific and Technical Review ISSN: 0253-1933 is a peer- reviewed periodical publication that plays a significant role in fulfilling the objectives of the World Organisation for Animal Health WOAH, founded as OIE. It contains in-depth studies devoted to current scientific and technical developments in animal health and veterinary. . . Fifty reviews published during June 1985 to June 1986 in four major medical journals were assessed in a study of the methods of current review articles. Assessments were based on eight explicit criteria adapted from published guidelines for information syntheses. Of the 50 articles, 17 satisfied three of the eight criteria 32 satisfied four or. . . Object Moved
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